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Today is my offday, and so is tomorrow. The noisy construction outside is so annoying so I'll let Teddy do the noise minus the annoying parts. I'll be meeting the Maybelyne later for some important appointment so I'll make this a quick one.

I've been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time now, and I have a few reasons for it:

The 'new post' page doesn't load properly on my Macbook; I don't know if the problem is with my browsers (Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5) or my Mac. I'm now using Chrome on my Windows desktop and nothing seems to be wrong - except that everything else is a lot more sluggish. I have had this problem before and after some time it somehow fixed itself. But not this time.

I'm now back on scene at my old workplace in DG Lifestyle at VivoCity. I'm still picking up on new policies in the shop, but all is good. I usually work with Vivian or Miffy, our two gals from Downtown China. When I'm lucky I also get to work with my dear. There will be a new shop opening at Northpoint by the end of this year, and it's a sure enough bet that I will be transferring over. It's a lot nearer my place: I'll be able to save a lot on transportation expenses. I already saw the new place, and it doesn't seem to be any bad at all. There are a lot of places for makan - complete with McDonald's, Starbucks, KFC, a Japanese food market, and some local food shops - much like VivoCity. The bus interchange and the train station are just opposite the mall. And it feels like we wouldn't face much competition, if there will be any at all that is. That means we will be THE Apple store in the North. The only thing to get out of the way is the 'getting used to' part. VivoCity is a cool place where a lot of nice people go to everyday. But, like ORD, the only direction is forward.

Among other things, I am hoping to get us a new lappie. My Macbook, though surviving, got turned into a desktop. It's battery is bloated that my crystal case wouldn't fit anymore. It grew about half a centimeter thicker - scarier than someone who abused steroids. I only use the battery whenever I need to move the Macbook from our room to the living room. Any longer duration than that and I get paranoid that the battery will go Boomz! while in the Macbook.

Aside from the battery issue, the cosmetics on my Macbook is horrible. The click button on the trackpad is sometimes unresponsive, and some of the material are chipping away. The signs of ageing are way too obvious but then, it has already served its life purpose.

I have my eyes set on the 13" Macbook Pro. I think it's perfect for what we need - portable performance good for gaming, graphics-heavy applications like movie editing and Photoshop-ing, running Windows, etc. - all in a stunning and durable aluminum casing. After I get it, it will take over my white Macbook and my Windows desktop. Then maybe Maybelyne will get a netbook for herself to use in meetings and stuff. You know, business. Hopefully budget permits all of these.

Funny. I could hear Gu Jun Pyo's ringtone again. Oh wait my phone's ringing! Gotta get get going!

I hope you will keep on submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience with us.

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