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I am a PORNSman

I am to officially ORD tomorrow, but I already finished my last shift at Woodlands Checkpoint, and heck I already got back my IC and COS. Just a few days ago, for two years, I was a PNSF - Police National Service Fulltime. Now my COS is telling me that I am now a PORNSman, short for Police Operationally Ready National Serviceman (it's actually Police ORNSman but it's a mouthful to say).

It's a bit saddening to think that I'll be saying 'goodbye for now and see you around' to the good people I met during those two years: something like highschool sort of sadness. And now that I'm at it, I think the mood is just nice to reminisce what is to reminisce and remember the good ol' days of WCP Team C, and other stuff before that.

My first few days in Tracom was probably the worst days I had in my two years, mostly because of some level of culture shock, and some muscle and mental shock. I've never had anything "physical" in years, hence, you know. But I eventually enjoyed the rest of my BPT. I mean who wouldn't - free decent food three times a day (with occasional night snacks), fitness training with a free access gym (which I never got to use), free law classes (mostly interesting, but a bit dry at times), real shooting (with a revolver, but admittedly it doesn't compare to a M16), unarmed combat (painful), and fun people. I was sleeping most of the time, but I know when one of my bunkmates is singing Rihanna's Umbrella in his sleep.

After BPT I was posted out as a Checkpoint Officer at Woodlands Checkpoint, where I was attached to Team C. Among the four teams, I think ours was the most balanced, and one of the more efficient. Our team is equally good at work and at play, and we know just when to do which. I am really grateful that I was posted to this team, and not to any other.

Our team is like a bag of assorted nuts (think Growers). It's made up a lot of different nuts, each adding a different and distinct character to the whole. Then there's everybody's favorite, and the one no one seems to like as much as the rest. Our team is also like united nations. We have ah beng, bangla, pinay (?!), melayu, china, and the average Singaporean. We also have Jay Zhou and Romeo (a few of us) (!). Then there's the vocalist, the dancer, a few artists, and a few riders. And who could ever forget our uncle?

Another interesting part of working in the checkpoint is we get to work closely with Aetos APOs, and with other agencies like ICA, LTA, etc. Aetos officers are interesting: they may all wear the same uniform, but each of them has his/her own story to tell. I know one guy who had been in the force even before there was National Service in Singapore, and when the police wore shorts. He has the photo as proof. Then there is this babe my age who used to be a wakeboarding instructor. Working with these people from all walks of life is, to say the least, quite enriching. Not to mention fun.

I would like to again thank all the people of WJOC, most especially to SPF Team C, for making my one and a half years so meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable. I had the privilege to be under the supervision of a very capable but down-to-earth team leader, and his right-and-left-hand regular officers, who assist him in managing the team. Likewise, for my fellow NSmen, for always being supportive. And for all the APOs I have worked with, thank you as well.

And for that pretty ICA girl who lost her security pass which someone handed over to me, sorry I didn't get your number because I had to go to the toilet because my zipper failed.

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