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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...

Recently I'm having problems with Blogger, thus I am not able to post much. I can't post photos the way I do, and I can't format text without using HTML (WTF!). All I see on my 'Create Post' screen is this.

You see, it's totally bare. I'm not sure who else is getting this same problem as I am but I know one friend who does.

This doesn't mean I can't blog though: it only means I need to give extra effort to manually code formats, links, and embed photos and other media manually. Still being a novice steering clear of HTML codes, this is tedious work for me. On top of the fact that I have been busy with stuff lately.

This update is just to inform readers that this blog isn't dead nor is it on coma; it's just a bit sick that's all. I'll try and find some time and topics to post, and a workaround regarding this problem. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

BTW. Maybelyne and I watched The Proposal. It's a must, must see! There's no reason not to see it. It's not one of those chic flicks (e.g. He's Not That Into You) and I like it better than Sex and The City. There was a Nuffnang contest regarding this movie but I won't be available on the screening date, so there wasn't much point for me to join. Anyway, do check out the ads to find out more, and quickly find a date to see it with!

P.S. If you're a nice gal staying in SIngapore and you can't find someone to watch it with, call me for an appointment. *wink

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