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Legend of fine print on hot beverage cups

These days it's so difficult to work in the service industry. The general public becomes more and more demanding, and they are always snooping around trying to find faults. And with email being increasingly available to everyone, especially with the increasing popularity of the smartphones and push email, shooting a complain is just right at their fingertips, literally. Though this is good for our end making it more convenient to report the wrong to the relevant authorities, some people abuse the system and use it for their own selfish advantage.

My girlfriend and I were talking about this over a porridge breakfast from KFC. She mentioned how, in some country, McDonald's was sued by a drive-thru customer. The story goes like this: Woman told the drive-thru counter she wanted hot tea; she gets hot tea, pays, then drives off. Later on while driving, she spilled her hot tea and burned herself. She then shot an email of complaint to McDonald's saying they did not indicate on the cup "Caution: Hot!" (or something like that). She asks for compensation from McDonald's which the latter denied, until she filed a magistrate's complaint and asked for thousands of dollars of compensation.

If I were the magistrate, I would have slapped her back to reality and tell her not to drink and drive. The lady didn't get thousands of dollars of compensation and only got back her clinic fees, but McDonald's did spend a lot of money and effort fighting the case.

Ever since, all the fastfood brands indicated outside the cups of hot beverages that the drink is hot.

Dumb desperate people get money through crime. Smart people get money through lawsuits.

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