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If you don't know me

Girard Eironn Amador Ama
  • Tall, dark and *cough
  • 1.74m, 64.1kg
  • Born 20 May 1987, raised in Batangas City, Philippines
  • A Marian (2000) and a Bridgetine (2004)
  • Studied Chemical Engineering in Batangas State University
  • Pure-blood Singapore-based Filipino
  • Speaks fluent English and Tagalog
  • Also knows some Mandarin, Hokkien, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil (enough to get me into trouble)

I have had a few nicknames but I usually go by Girard. I'm referred to as Eironn (pronounced 'Aaron') throughout the family and during my elementary (primary) school days. Ever since highschool, people started calling me Girard. My close highschool friends also know me by Demo, which came from demoleculizer, the name I used in Counter-Strike and other FPS games we used to play, and was the first email address I had (with Yahoo). When I moved to Singapore in 2007, I got a new nickname, GD (as in G.D., not god or good). It's actually the docket name I use when I was working in DG Lifestyle, an Apple reseller in Vivo City. And in my police team, I'm called Ama Girage by some of my teammates, apparently for the inability to pronounce my name correctly.

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